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im an ece student with my final year..can u help me with our there anyone of you have an idea for a possible project that not yet invented using electronics and any field.. hope you can help me..
thanks a lot of you people..


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In so many years studying (hope you did it) nothing came to your mind?

I simply cannot understand people asking for inspiration from others!

Blink a LED while your PIC shows "Hello Word" on an LCD display.


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"Is there anyone of you have an idea for a possible project that not yet invented using electronics and microcontrollers"

Rest assured that if I had an idea for something "not yet invented," I'd put a patent on it as soon as possible, and start making money!

Get a copy of "A Whack on the Side of the Head" by van Oech; Google "Breaking Crayons" and "Creativity". Get the trade magazines: ECN, EDN, EETimes, Electronic Products, etc. Pick up Circuit Cellar, Nuts & Volts, Make, Servo, and similar magazines. Search the web sites for projects. Your teachers should have had you doing this from your first year. If they didn't, your advisers should have had you take an art class or two.

Basically, no I can't help "u" directly this late in the game, but maybe this will help you in the future.



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My advice is don't try to be too ambitious. Don't be concerned about making something completely unique; not yet invented.

Just about everything useful that people make build on existing projects, existing ideas. Start by planning to do a project that's already been done, but as you do it, look for ways to add just a bit of your own individuality to its design. But don't stress over that; concentrate on the schedule, if you're working in a group, work on getting everyone to contribute at least something, depending on their skills, and especially, focus on finishing the project in time, on turning in a finished project by the due date.

Those will be far more useful things to get experience at than being the guy to have the most unique project.


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Did you all get pm's from him with the same message. I suspect he's been spamming random people with that same message.

Sorry if i'm wrong but i find it a bit suspicious getting random pms like that from people i dont know :)
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Hmmm... "not yet invented" always leads me to think business applications. The sort of thing an unscrupulous business would lie about to steal people's original ideas and then make $$ from them.

Do students get extra marks for "not yet invented"?? More likely they are marked on implementation, presentation, etc. While i'm not saying the OP is an idea thief there seems to be a lot of recent forum trolling for "help me with new project ideas".


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The best thing I can recommend is go talk to your professors! And not just the engineering professors, other professors around campus, usually science related - chemistry,biology,physics,etc. They might have something they need accomplished for research and they might help fund you if design it for them. An example of this is automation. There may be a data collection test that a researcher must do over and over again, and you could automate the process for them with an embedded system so that they can save time and collect data automatically. One example is a friend of mine worked with a professor studying the effects of flooding on water quality. He ended up designing a small system that would float down the river and collect test data and store it to EEPROM for later recovery, and then he wrote the software to decode the data and print out results to the professor.

It doesn't have to be something really complicated, it just has to demonstrate skills you have learned in your classes. You don't need to 'reinvent the wheel'


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It's often difficult to think of something so unique and marvelous under pressure. My advice is to not think of something so unique and marvelous, but to think of something useful. It doesn't need to be complicated, but simplistic. Colleges are especially looking for students who can make something in the simplest way possible. Some people like the challenge of making everything complicated which thus becomes a mess. If your invention is useful, the people will then think of it as unique and marvelous. You can just hear someone say "Hey look at what that guy did, why didn't we think of that before!"