Can the simple Mini Maximiser used to charge a 12V battery.

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    May 25, 2009
    There is a very popular circuit on the net name MINI MAXIMISER. It basically allows a solar electric panel to run a motor without using a battery.

    Because solar panels are effectively constant current sources they cannot deliver extra power for starting like a battery can. In fact, due to the low resistance of motors when stopped, the panels can only deliver a small fraction of their normal power during start up. This means that there is very little power available at the time it is most needed to get the motor running.

    Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by using an electronic device such as the MINI MAXIMISER to match the panel to the motor so as to allow the panel to deliver its full power into the motor even when the motor is stalled.

    Here is a webpage link for some info about it plus the circuit schematic:

    Can someone just take a look at the site and go through it and tell me if it is possible to use it to charge a 12V battery instead of using it to power a motor from the solar panel? The setup would be the solar panel-mini-maximiser then from mini maximiser to a solar charge controller to stop the circuit whenever the battery is full.

    Reason for wanting it to charge a 12V battery is because due to the fact that this circuit allows the panel to operate at a higher efficiency all the time, hence more power to the motor. So i was thinking it would be more power to the battery if you were using it to charge a 12v battery instead. The circuit operate similar to the solar MPPT(maximum power point tracker)charge controllers that let u gain approx. 30% more energy form your solar panels.
    So i am assuming that using the circuit you are bound to get the same results when charging your 12V battery from it.

    Please go through the 1 page web link and tell me what u think.