Can someone help me with the this HEX program?

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Can someone rewrite this HEX file for me? I would try and rewrite it for myself but I lack the equipment to do so and the proper know how. I would like the to get rid of the middle 2 lines and just leave the top line and bottom line on the LCD. I don't have an LCD that size and want to use the smaller ones I have. This HEX file is named Freq Counter.HEX and the website with where I got this from ( Including the schematic ) is

Thank you!

Also, if some one can take a look at the second HEX program, seems that when I make the meter and there is an input of Voltage and a load drawing current the text seems to fluctuate and get very unstable. That HEX file is named VM.HEX. This site I got this from is
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You can't edit things in the .HEX file.

You will have to:
1) Download the MikroC source code from the linked site.
2) Understand the code, particularly the LCD formatting and output
3) Make changes to the code accordingly
4) Recompile and fix errors
5) Program the chip with the new .HEX.

You will need MikroC to do this -OR- you can download the free XC8 compiler from Microchip. Be prepared to make some syntax changes.

As far as the erratic readings, you'll have to determine whether they are actually a problem with the analog input or if something in the code is not working right. That will have to wait until you get the code working with the new LCD.

Have fun!