Can Inverter reversing AC motor?

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Please help me as soon as possible to get information whether Inverter can reversing AC motor or not? You can mail me at:
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You should understand however that the word "inverter" in power contexts normally means a DC to AC converter. To the best of my knowledge, the term was originally chosen to mean something which has a function which is the inverse of that of a rectifier, which converts AC to DC.

The output from a polyphase inverter may well be configured to give a reversing effect, but power inverters do not get their name from a function of making things go backwards.


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"inverter" is one of the common terms for the device otherwise know as "variable frequency drive (VFD)", "variable speed drive (VSD)", "drive", "motor controller", "adjustable frequency drive (AFD)", "adjustable speed drive (ASD)", and maybe other names I haven't heard of yet. if this is the device you speak of, then yes, it can make the motor go "backwards".


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It depends just what is meant by an inverter, which may be somewhat obscured by a language barrier. Anyone hoping to make things go backwards using something designed to keep the lights on in a power cut may be disappointed. The nature of the motor is also very important: polyphase or single-phase induction, or a universal brush motor?

Of course an appropriate motor could do gymnastics with the right driver, but it would help if the OP could give details on what (s)/he has in mind.