Can I used the power supply is large voltage to prevent the drop voltage when loaded?

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Hi there,
In my circuit the standard is 5V power supply.But there is a problem that when i used 5V as standard then when the load is connected the voltage is droped to 3.78V.Can I use the higher power supply to offset this?
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You need to examine the requirements of the load. How much current at 5v does it require? Then match the power supply with the load. Get a power supply that delivers about 3v more than what is required. In this case use a power supply that is rated at 8 or 9v at the maximum current required.

To help even further, you can use a low drop-out regulator.

Edit: I assume that there is already a 5v regulator on board.
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Just make sure you don't use the power supply with the higher voltage on a lighter load specified also for 5V. The power supply's voltage drop will be less with a lighter load, possibly damaging the load.

What you want to do works fine with a constant load.