Can I use a 16V/500mA AC power supply with a ~ 15 V 2VA 60 Hz Device?

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Hey folks, I need some help finding a power supply for a Pro-Ject Debut iii turntable.
I guess it's possible that I have a different, rare model since the user manuals show something different.
I've already searched the existing forums. And I browsed through the AllAboutCircuits ebook.

Here is a picture of the sticker on the back of the turntable:

I haven't been able to find any documentation online for a model with the "~ 15 V 2VA 60 Hz"
Does the "~ 15" mean "approximately 15?"

All the documentation/user manuals I see online have:
Output voltage: 16V/500mA AC

Would there be any danger in using the wrong adapter? (the 16V.... ?) I don't want to break anything.

Also, how can I know if I need an ac or dc adapter?

Thanks so much in advance!
I'm a circuit noob.


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The probably "~ 15" means 15 Volts AC.
Wether it is safe to use the 16 Volts transformer depends on the internal circuit of the turntable (wich we do not know at the moment).



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You might try putting a small load on that transformer, that might just reduce it enough, if you are worried.

The transformer "should" have more than enough power for a dummy load and the turntable.


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A couple diodes antiparallel to each other, in series with one of the power lines, would drop the AC voltage about 1.4V.


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The 16V AC 500mA supply will not work as the turntable label says it needs a 2Amp, or 2000mA supply.
Your 16V one does not have the current capacity. If it was 16V 2A it may work but just 500mA sounds like it will be overloaded.