Can I program in Visual C#

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Hi, I am just looking to buy my first Microcontroller kit and start my study of electronics.
I am familar with computer programming using Visual Studio. I started with Visual Basic but have switched to Visual C#. I have never used Visual C++ as most web programming is more Visual C# oriented.

Is there a microcontroller product that supports programming using Visual C# (or Visual Basic)?

If not what would be one of the best MicroControllers to work and grow with that is closely related to Visual C#.

Your comments to get me kick started in the right direction are much appreciated.


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Well the PIC line of uC's are programmed in a version of Assembler and C, unless you opt to purchase a PIC Basic or other compiler. The MPLAB IDE is downloadable from MicroChip's site:


Development Tools page:

Getting Started page:


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You would need to be looking at 32-bit systems that can run MS Windows. These would be systems based on something like the Intel Atom or Via's stuff (all x86). Even then you'd need the embedded version of the studio.