Can I get around Apple MFi for this? Bluetooth?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by JJoll, Jun 12, 2014.

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    May 7, 2013
    I am creating a product that is supposed to pair up with an ipad then receive a photo through a classic Bluetooth module and display it on a screen, I was just wondering if I still need to get Apple MFI certificate for this? I have read from other posts in other forums that I would need to get a Bluetooth authentication chip and add it to my device if I am using Bluetooth Classic. But if I only need to transmit pictures from ipad, cannot I just get over this software wise? like some of those apps out there, such as "iBluetooth" to just transmit the pic from ipad and receive it with any kind of BL receiver on the other side?

    I am not incorporated company, I don't think apple will even give "MFi license" to people like me.

    I also have heard that I can be using Bluetooth Low Energy that doesn't require any MFI certificate. But my concern is low throughput, I am afraid that is going to take ages to transmit a picture.
    Is Bluetooth 4.0 low energy a suitable substitute for this kind of application (picture tranmission)? any suggestions?

    Also how transferable (technological wise) is Bluetooth Low Energy to Classic Bluetooth? I mean if I develop my product on classic bluetooth (for the start), can I later upgrade it easily to Bluetooth low energy if I want to? (in order to get around this MFi license thing).

    thanks alot
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    I'd pose these questions over at the Apple developers forums. Folks around here may be able to help with the hardware side of your project, but I think those clever developers will know a lot more about what you can and cannot do with software.
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    JJOLL, i have some questions on this project you had going a while back, can you email me?

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    Jjoll, I can confirm that Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE are not compatible with each other. You'd need to at least a modicum of redesign, depending on how you implement the Bluetooth module.