Can i control two invertors with one pot

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I have 2 invertor driven conveyor belt motors which i need to keep at the same speed. Can i use 1 pot to feed both by linking both invertor 10v pot feeds, both 0v pot feeds , and the wiper inputs. Or can connecting both supplies togethor cause damage? (both motors, gearbox and sprockets are the same). Thanks for any advice.


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You need to tie the commons/0v together and then use only one 10v pot feed then split the wiper out to the controllers.. note that the controllers made need to be adjusted with their span pots to equal speed.


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Doing what you stated might sometimes result in feedback problems or lack in current for control. It can only be confirmed by checking the circuitry.

To be safe, you can use a dual pot of the same rating which has 2 pots integrated as one with a single control knob.