can any one provide me the circuit diagram for display of numeric and alphanumeric


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For what kind of display?
If it's 14 or 16 segment LEDs, Maxim/Dallas has driver ICs.
If it's LCDs, look for a Haitachi 44780 tutorial.


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Is the display in the attachment below what you had in mind.

This particular device can display 4 alphanumeric characters. It is intelligent so all the microcontroller needs to do is send it the ASCII code for the character to be displayed using several discrete IO lines.

The interface details can be found in the datasheet and in application notes provided by the manufacturer.



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i would go for 7-segment display, one that is peripheralised through 8255A to a 8085 microprocessor, i would have to do programming to display the numbers from 0 to 9 and than the characters.

i have got the circuits which can be made through 74591 and 74592, and another one with 7407 hex buffer. but as these IC's are not not readily available they are creating problem.

So i would be thankul if anyone can provide me a circuit with IC's which are readily available in the market.


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You won't get far with 7 segment displays, as they do not have enough segments to make a clear representation of the letters of the alphabet, nor symbols. If you must go that route, you should look at 14- or 16-segment LED displays, or your alphabetic display capability will be extremely limited.

You could also consider using an LCD display rather than multi-segment LED displays.

You could also consider using multiple 8x8 matrix LED displays, and multiplex them.

However, why don't you post what your circuit design is currently? 74LS591 ICs may not be available to you, but 74LS590 ICs are - at least in SMT/SMD versions. Farnell India has them in stock, they also have the 74LS592.