Cam modding; battery conversion?

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    Apr 29, 2011
    I'm modding a cam to mount on my motorcycle. Instead of wiring into the bike I opted to go for a battery set so that I may de-attach it and carry it when I find somewhere interesting to explore on a road trip. The current spec on the adapter that came with the module is AC -> 5vdc @ 1A. The cam is rated 5-8vdc.

    Is there a chance I can use a 9v snap on connector to go straight to the power in; or a series of AAs or other combo to safely w/o frying the cam chips/circuits? I.e. based on the rated input for the cam form a batt pack to power it. I'm not concerned w/ mAh seeing as how I've got plenty of rechargeables in a solar charger.

    Suggestions? Help? Any is appreciated.

    I am noobing this one. I found several data specs for different batt chemistries specing v, a, and mAh and am not sure how to line up the data to support my power input.

    ~namaste ya'll
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    A battery holder, that would come close to your voltage needs, using a given number of AA batts, is likely available at your local Radioshack....... on another front, if your camera runs on 6 volts, those square 6 volt alkaline lantern batteries with the spring contacts are outstanding for the application, and last darn near forever.

    The Radio shack battery holders, are routinely equipped with the standard 9-volt "transistor battery" snap connector, and a jumper cable can be spliced in easily enough. Pay attention to polarity !!

    Insofar as connecting to your camera goes, you would be best served to use an extra original lead wire from whatever source you can find, that has the especially designed plug or jack to fit the "power in" socket on your camera.

    Strict attention to the pin-polarity indication on the camera, [ get it wrong, kiss your camera goodbye unless it has diode protection on board ] and don't go over voltage specs on your camera, I wouldn't run more than 2 packs in parallel for longer run life.

    Bear in mind also, when engineering your battery packs, that "rechargeable" batteries have different - lower --voltage / current specs than standard alkaline AA's
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