Cam-driven switch simulator

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I want to simulate 2 sets of cam driven switches. Each set has 3 seperate switches.

Set #1
Switch SA (activates from 270 degrees to 60)
Switch SB (activates from 66 degrees to 186)
Switch SC (activates from 86 degrees to 243)

Set #2
Switch TA1 (activates from 185 degrees to 355)
Switch TA2 (activates from 260 degrees to 350)
Switch TB (activates from 105 degrees to 255)

I need to have both normally closed and normally open circuits from all switches.

Originally I had planned to use actually cams/switches but I was wondering if there is a way to do it cleaner with a circuit.


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Pretty simple for a micro-controller with 6 outputs driving 6 DPDT relays. If would just be a simple stepping loop with a delay each loop (and testing each step to see if any output needs to be switched) based on the speed you wish to run each 360 step cycle.



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Or use a table with 360 elements. Each bit of the individual element defines which port pin should be high or low.

Step through the table at the desired timing, outputting the content to the port.

Or use an EPROM together with a module 360 counter.