Call me ignorant,...I know.

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    Aug 2, 2008
    I am new to the "new age/geek squad technology" if you will. I work in the electrical/electronic maintenance industry.

    I have what many of you will find such a simple question, but the person asking thought a Blackberry was a fruit until a year and a half ago. I carried a walkman up until 6 years ago when I went to CD's:p Heck, I might still have some Beta hanging around:D Just this year bought a DVD player. Call me "old School", I appreciate that.

    Soooo, my question. My daughters thought it was time for Dad to catch up with the times and bought Dad an iPod Nano.......WTH is that???? LOL now.

    My daughter set up my iPod on her laptop. She mentioned something along the lines of "anything you want besides what I already downloaded will have to be done from MY computer. WHY??? Is it a registery issue?

    Well, love her soul, she put all the songs I wanted on it, but someone just turned me on to a band and I HAVE to get their music. The CD is $32 from Amazon, or $12 for mp3 download. Okay, so from what I know I can download and copy to a CD, but I am trying to get from carrying my 200+ CD notebook around. Isn't there a way I can download these tunes and dump them into this tiny little iPod thing?????

    I work alone alot and really get to take advantage of listening to personal music even sometimes in the field. I only have 300 songs and 8G capacity. My daughters laptop crashed. Am I scr*w*d?????

    Sorry for sounding so simple to you new age guys:(
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    Sep 26, 2009
    If you have a computer to plug the little guy into, go here >> and download the iTunes at the bottom of the page and this is the program you need to download songs to your iPod nano.... They should have instructions there on how to install everything....

    B. Morse
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    Apr 22, 2009
    Ah, that's okay. I've asked worse questions regarding electrical circuits and I am a young guy too hehe

    An iPod is much better than a CD player. It can hold hundreds of songs depending on the storage it has (example: 8 GB can hold A LOT of songs, thousands I think).

    If your daughter's computer broke, the songs are still on your iPod, and you can connect your iPod to any other computer and it will sync the songs. Just make sure "manually manage my music" is checked off in iTunes before you connect your iPod to the computer.

    As for the songs, if you download them, you can easily put them on your iPod.

    Step 1: Download the songs
    Step 2: Open Itunes
    Step 3: Check off "Manually manage music" and also check the box "sync only checked songs"
    Step 4: Find the folder where you downloaded your songs to, and highlight all of them, drag them into iTunes. Alternatively, you can open iTunes and go to File > Add folder to Library and then find the folder where your new downloaded songs are and click OK.
    Step 5: The songs will be in your iTunes. Now connect your iPod and click "SYNC". That's all!

    Good luck and happy learning!
  4. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    Check your computers specs, Apple has a tendency to demand (not ask) for top of the line equipment. What computer are you using.

    BTW, welcome aboard. I'm one of the old school guys too, I think it bugs some of the younger set.