Calculator script for you (javascript)

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    Apr 28, 2012
    People here frequently post questions about Ohms law.

    I have a javascript program for you, which you can modify (with some efforts) to calculate Ohms law, or just anything else.

    Javascript software is cheap after all- it is usually possible to see, to understand, and to modify the source code!

    HTML and CSS on their own already open interesting possibilities for layout.

    It is also possible to learn javascript exclusively using websites (Like I did).

    If you build an Ohms law calculator, maybe reply to the thread? If you can't host it, I can also help with that (I have unlimited webhosting space available).

    Some people out there have programmed small assemblers, PIC emulators, and Hitachi LCD emulators using javascript! It has it's limits (for instance can not load/store properly), but is available everywhere, and it is free.