Calculation of V_base of BJT in bias circuit

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    Jan 8, 2017
    Hi all electronic guys

    I am doing an analysis of a quartz oscillator using BJTs as the different amplifiers. To do this, first of all, I need to conduct a DC analysis to determine the operation region of BJTs in that circuit.

    At the current work, I want to find the DC operating point of BJT Q1 (as my attached image), meaning that I need to find Vce, Ic, and Vb of Q1.

    I already run a simulation of that circuit by LTspice, and the result showed that Vb = 3.2V.

    However, as an engineering student, I would like to solve DC analysis by hand to deeply understand the analog electronic field.

    Hence, anyone can help me to figure out how to find Vce, Ic, Ib, and Vb of Q1? Please refer to my attached image, I showed all the things there.

    Best regards
    Image 8.jpg