Calculation for Charge/Discharge Current

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    Mar 13, 2010
    Hello Members!

    I'm trying to boost a 6v lantern battery to 12v to power a 14w light bulb. I'm using these elements as a template for learning more about how IC regulators and boost conversion work. I've added an image of the prefabricated boost converter I bought online as an attachment.

    I've been gettting conflicting information regarding parallel rc circuit equations with a DC source. I feel like I'm getting nowhere [​IMG], so I'm seeking help from the experts. Using a 6v lantern battery as the voltage source, how do I calculate the charging/discharging current at node 1 (1kuF/63v capacitor) and the current at node 2 (10kOhm resistor)?

    I greatly appreciate your assistance! [​IMG]