Calculating new resistor values for a single cell

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    Nov 9, 2008
    I want to build a 1 cell nicad charger. I plan to use a Max712 ic to do it with. I also want to add the conditioner circuit in the link below, but while I can read pre-exisiting schematics, my electronics math is horrible. (By the way, I understand the charging circuit that is shown needs revised for a 1 cell, 1600 mah battery and have the circuitry to do it with.) Would someone be willing to help me calculate the resistor valus for r8/r9 so that I can condition a 1 cell, 1600 mah nicad properly. I think I would like to use a conditioning rate of 200mah so I can discharge it in 8 hours and charge it back in an hour. This way I can put my battery on the charger in the evening and it will be ready in the morning. I'd appreciate it if I could get the answer and the calculations used to get the answer so I could do it next time. Thanks