Calculating 3 Phase Rectified Voltages

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Hi all, I'm a newbie i have a Power elec. calculation formula I am after.

What i am after is the formula to calculate the output voltage of a polyphase rectifier.

Eg. I have a 3 phase PRI (415VRMS) supplied transformer @ 50Hz, and SEC output of 380VRMS on a DELTA Tap, and 380RMS on a STAR Tap.

This gives me 2 sets of 3 phases with a phase difference of 30degrees (if you impose the star winding over the delta).

Once (SCR) rectified there will be 12 pulses @ 220VRMS (311peak).

HOW DO I CALCULATE THE RMS recitiied voltage for this circuit (I understand there will be a small ripple voltage between waveforms.