calculate and design a 3 stage transistor circuit BJT, Jfet, and class c amplifier

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    Nov 11, 2012
    My project is to calculate and design a 3 stage transistor circuit. The three stages are BJT, JFet, and class c amplifier circuit with the following specifications: Avt=60, Vcc= 3Vdc, RL=8 ohms @ 500 mW, Vin=100 mVpp @ 3KHz. Calculations are due immediately. Please advice.
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    We don't do your homework for you.
    Post a schematic of what you think the circuit should be and we will assist if you have a problem with it.

    500mW into 8 ohms is produced with a sinewave that is 5.7V peak-to-peak. If a power amplifier has a 3V supply then its output is only about 1V to 1.5V peak-to-peak which is not enough. If the amplifier is bridged (two amplifiers) then its output is 2V to 3V p-p which is still not enough.