c# Video Render/Capture

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    Oct 22, 2011
    I am making a console application for a robot (spare the details on that..)
    theres a video link back, i have posted about it before as i am using a capture usb device to get the composite video onto the PC. I originally planned to use c++ and directshow but theres no real easy GUI design in that so i switched to c#.
    I found directshow.net which provides a c# layer for the directshow stuff from microsoft however i am trying to understand it, and the demo apps dont quite help me with how to render the video stream.
    I have managed to detect devices, populate a menu and choose one device from available options.
    The next stage is to render the stream in the form (a panel in the main form) but im struggling to understand how i am meant to do that from the samples. cant quite understand how to render the streams where i want them etc..
    another issue is that because i am using the composite>usb device, i have to add a crossbar filter to the stream. However, i dont understand the use of filters, it seems like filter might be the wrong word as i have seen file capture filters?!
    All help is much appreciated, incoporating video is highly useful and important to my app.
    thanks in advance, Chris