Bypassing Volumecontrol Creative Inspire T3030

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Hello, I recently bought a Creative Inspire T3030 soundsystem on a second-hand-market, but I didn't check the system properly enough. When I arrived home i discovered that the volumecontrol is not fitting the connector on the subwoofer.
The subwoofer has a 9-pin female connector:

and the volumecontrol has a male PS/2 connector like this one below:

The soundsystem is not possible to use without a "volume and power"-control, but I do not need the funktion of a volume or power-control on my speakersystem. I'm going to use it as computer-speakers and I will set the volume from my taskbar.

:confused: Is there anyway I can bypass some of the 9 pins so I will have constant maximum volume and constant power to the system??

I have read a few earlier threads about Creative T3030 problems with the volumecontrol, but I find no info on how to bypass it. I have found this info:

Pin1- Brown
Pin2- Green
Pin3- Yellow
Pin4- White
Pin5- Violet
Pin6- Blue
Pin7- dummy / not connected
Pin8- Black
Pin9- Red/violet

and later I found this info:

red (head phones jack)
black, red (LED)
blue (volume switch)
yellow (head phones jack)
white (volume switch)
black, red
white (volume)
green (bass volume control)
Violet (audio jack)

Thnx in advance // Stefan


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Problem is, different colours from T3030
Pin1- Brown
Pin2- Green
Pin3- Yellow
Pin4- White
Pin5- Light Green
Pin6- Blue
Pin7- Orange
Pin8- Black
Pin9- Red


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Posts that I found here helped me to bypass volume control in Creative Inspire T2900. So I think I will reply here and I know last post was very long ago.
So I have two sets of Creative Inspire speakers: T3030 and older T2900. I got T2900 without volume control, but I have tried connect volume remote from T3030 and it works. So the pinout is the same I think.

I have short wired pins (with simple circuit board wires$_12.JPG?set_id=880000500F) in T2900 sub woofer female socket as on attachment that I have created, and T2900 start to working at 100% volume and 100% bass.Creative_T2900_pinout_działanie.png
I only know that pin 8 is bass volume, and 7 is overall volume and 3 and 5 must be volume turn on switch. Hope it helps someone.