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Hey everyone. I'd just like to ask a question about ordering electronic components. I've started a small website selling electronic components and was wondering if people buy in bulk when ordering?
For example of you needed a resistor would you just buy one or would you buy a 10 pack or 100 pack?

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The answer is "it depends"
A "good" site will give users the option to pick from a list of quantities and see pricing discounts based on volume ordered..
Pricing (each)
cut tape
1= $0.10
5= $0.07
10 = $0.06
100 = $0.05
1000 = $0.03

click here for the tape&reel version

This should have been covered in your business plan already.

Go to your "competition" and see how they do it.. Look at digikey, mouser,newark,farnell (UK)


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A lot depends on pricing for a particular item, I may buy 100 1/4w resistors because I know I am probably going use them in the future.
Also depends on whether it is for a proto-type design or production run.
I am not going to order a whole bunch of $10 - $20 item for an initial mockup.


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I mostly use surface mount devices. The cost of 100 pieces is minimal so I make that my minimum order quantity. That way my parts box is always growing.

I use Digi-Key and most of my orders are under 8 ounces so I qualify for USPS express mail for $2.95, comes in 2-3 days.


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My mental calculus is to try to get the most potentially useful stuff I can in any one order, to reduce the impact of the shipping charge and the time I've spent finding what I want.

For generic, very cheap components (like your resistor example), I usually order more than I need at the moment if there is any chance I might need more in the future. I don't want to have to shop for and ship a 10¢ item! If it costs just a dime, I might order a dozen or more. For some part that is over, say, $2 or so, maybe I'll get 2 or 3 extra to be dead sure I get through whatever project I'm working on without having to reorder.

One niche you might consider is bundling assortments together, like a collection of resistors.