Buy from these Ali Express/Amazon sellers at your own risk

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A company can have a business address anywhere in the world, and similarly, the fulfillment center can be anywhere in the world, and not necessarily the same place. I have been getting things from Shenhzen, Hongkong, Taipei, and Singapore over the last couple of years.
This is a good point. I've noticed Chinese sellers with terrible English advertising with "ships from within Canada". Corporate laws in my country have become so loose that you can rent a mail box and use that as your address which is what I've done with my business for mail protection as my office is technically my house. In some jurisdictions, shareholders and directors can reside in other countries making it easy to use the corporation as a shell or front for other nastiness. As long as the tax man gets his cut they don't care much.

If you Google my business address it comes up as a downtowm skyscraper when in fact I'm renting a mail box at the front desk.
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this has been going on for over 6 months now
This is a good reason to use a payment method with teeth! PayPal has given me excellent results adjudicating disputes (or total lack of communication) with vendors. Credit cards would be next and don't even think about using a debit card as they have zero protection! Also, if they don't have PayPal as an option, beware! They have probably been dropped by PayPal for bad reasons...


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I have been using AliExpress for years now and have always received what I ordered, in good working condition. There was only one exception that happened very recently.I received a soldering iron stand which was different to the one advertised. It was a cheaper version with the plastic iron rest missing. I opened a dispute . The agent for the supplier tried very hard to correct the situation but that model was no longer available. He was very apologetic and insisted on me keeping what had been supplied and gave me a full refund. That service sure beats anything I have experienced with North American suppliers!

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Amazon store purporting to be Samsung Store. Defective 128GB microSD cards. 2 failed htest2w test, 1 passed, but experienced data corruption when trying to fill the card.

Two of the cards failing htest2w, thankfully, failed at less than 16GB of data transferred; failing as early as 2GB transferred. But the time added up because I tested the first card 10 times and the second 3. My son tested the third and it took several hours.


We have to return the product, but thankfully we don't have to pay return shipping.
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