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    Nov 24, 2012

    OK, I know the stigma "Business Opportunity" carries but this is legitimate. I am approaching 70 and about ready to actually retire. I would like to find someone with the skills and resources needed to take over my business. Compensation is completely negotiable. I have been developing and selling Thrill Ride Photo Systems for coasters for almost 20 years. Seems a shame if all the information I have gained over the years and everything I have developed just goes away when I do.

    I semi retired a few years ago and quit running all over the country to amusement parks and carnivals but kept developing software and dabbling in the amusement business. Presently marketing a Ride photo system the customer can build and install themselves but am leaving a large market on the table because I no longer travel. With a little marketing and networking this could easily be turned into a very lucrative venture.

    The person I am looking for needs to be a Windows computer programmer with experience in C++, he or she also needs to know enough about basic electronics to read a schematic and build circuit boards. Having enough money to afford to travel to a couple trade shows and survive for the first year would make the transition fairly painless.

    As I said my compensation is completely negotiable, I wouldn't be against a payment plan, maybe percentage of future sales or an outright purchase. With zero marketing other than a dated web site I have been averaging about $25,000.00 a year in sales. This could be easily increased to over $100,000.00 for a one man show, with proper marketing and someone willing to travel. Before I semi retired, with 2 additional employees we were averaging $400,000.00 in sales per year. The opportunity is there, now I'm just too old and too tired to aggressively go after it.

    Let me know if interested..
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