Burgalar Alarm System

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    Nov 20, 2008
    im close to starting my circuit making for my final GCSE project in systems and control
    and i need help, i have my basic circuit for my design with a keypad LED, PICAXE and a piezo sounder, the system will sound an alarm when a connection between a reed switch is broken and not stop untill the 4 digit code is entered, this code will then show up in an LCD screen
    but now i need help, first problem:

    I need to use and LCD screen bu i dont know how i would go about attaching one, i think i have an i dea but im not entirely sure, would i connect a pin from the pic chip to the data pin on a shift register then a pin to the data clock then from the S/R to the R/S, D0 and D1 of the lcd screen and one from he pic straight to the LCD like in the link below? but then for his i would need o alter my design for a a bigger pic chip
    or would i go about it a different way?

    Second Problem:
    I need also to connect a reed switch is this as simple as any other switch? if so what resistor would i use? wold i just connect to a pin on the pic hip then to the positive rail with a 10kΩ resistor? or smaller?

    Third Problem:
    I would then also need to make a flow chart for my system but making them is not my strong point so could some one 'point me in the right direction' so to say?:p
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    Aug 7, 2008
    You have 3 normally closed reeds in parallel, so all 3 would have to be activated to get an output,put them in series.Resistors should be on otter side of switches.
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