Bulb too tall

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I am looking for a bulb with a built in photo sensor. The separate light sensors when added to the bulb make it too tall for the fixture


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And what should be the use of it? To check if the lamp is working? Or to use the sensor as a night/day sensosr?
It's to automatically turn on the lamp when it's dark out, and turn it off when it gets light.

Our OP just needs to find a shorter bulb. There is a terrific variety of lamps available, but one needs to look further than the housewares section of a grocery store, where the selection is slim pickings. The OP may need to look at a specialty bulb supplier.


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Yes but i don't think he has answer the question. Maybe is a way to test if lamp is ok. Making a dark activated switch this way is a little bit not corect because the sensor should be attached somewhere else and not on lamp...