Built new LED flasher with security light

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    Aug 16, 2012
    Hi everyone, I'm new on this blog since I've been searching to find a good electronics help. About me I'm deaf but I do have one device that is C.I. which help me to hear very well. Anyway, I bought outdoor LED security light from Home Depot. I want to add 10 brightest LED flasher when security light goes on and off sensor.
    The security light I look inside and measure 35 vdc to runs on two brightest LED light. I tested adding one LED with resister and connect to 35 vdc. I realize it dim the security light. I thought this may not be a good place to add 10 LED will dim worst. Is there a better way to add new circuits board 120 vac to convert to dc to runs on 10 brightest yellow or white LEDs inside my electronics shed. I have read from Bill Marsden but not sure which one that match. Reason, I'm learning to repair electronics and hobby to do my fun things I enjoyed. I hope you may help me on this project. :D