building the USBasp

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    Jan 26, 2010
    hi there.

    i am currently trying to build the USBasp (link) after an unsucessful build of USBtinyISP.
    the USBasp is still on the breadboard becuse i couldn't get it to work.
    my OS is windows 7, it sees the device as USBasp but it shows it as not working correctly and i also get the red light on the device, i don't know if that is normal in idle.

    the atmega8 was programmed through an arduino (i don't have any other avr programmer and i can't borrow one) using WinAVR.i also burned the fuses for the 12Mhz crystal and as it looks now they were burned right (can't verify device signature without the crystal installed).

    i quadruple checked the list according to the schematic provided and i also printed the pcb layout from the .sch file and checked it against that, found no mistakes.
    giving the fact that i am a biginner in electronics maybe i missunderstood the schematic and that's the reason it doesn't work.
    for example, in the schematic provided above there is +5V connected to 4.7uF and the "Supply target" jumper, right at the bottom.that same line is also connected to pin 1 at the USB far as my knowledge goes: pin 1 is VCC +5V, connecting another +5V to it seems pretty wrong.i didn't connect them this way, the +5V line at the bottom is connected to the lines labeled with "+5V" in the left part of the atmega8: the reset pin, the avcc and the vcc and the leds on the top of the schematic.same story for the GND vs. pin 4.if you have any resources for teaching how to read this kind of schematics pls post it here [​IMG]

    also if someone can tell me if they got the USBasp working on windows 7, i am also worried about beeing a driver problem.

    thanx for reading
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    May 11, 2009
    I think I saw a thread last week about problems using AVR studio and Windows 7. I am a PIC person myself so I do not remember which forum (on this site), and I can not find it now. But perhaps other can help.
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    Jan 26, 2010
    i finally got it working, the diodes were faulty and as it turns out it isn't working on windows 7.i installed vmware with winxp and got it recognised by winavr :)

    still have one problem though, can't connect to the chip (attiny2313 sucesfully programed with arduino, so the chip isn't faulty)

    how should i connect the programmer chip's (atmega8) to the target chip (attiny2313) ?
    atmega8 SCK -> attiny2313 SCK
    atmega8 MISO -> attiny2313 MISO
    atmega8 MOSI -> attiny2313 MOSI
    atmega8 RESET -> attiny2313 RESET

    is this the right order?

    P.S. the chip is POWERED, checkd with a multimeter: 4.97V