Building "radios" for remote control.

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    Jun 3, 2004
    Hi, if someone could direct me in a way that I can find resources to information on the following things I'd be appreciative!

    1) 2 circuits, one would have a switch or a button that the operator presses to transmit a radio signal that the other circuit reciever would pick up on and simply complete the circuit (say lights a LED when the radio signal is recieved)

    2) The next one is a more complicated I think.. I want to make remote controlled link between TI-83 calculators...

    In TI-83 calculators, there is a link cable you can connect between the two calculators to transfer data between the two, I want to make that wireless.

    Anyway yeah I know I'm kinda throwing this out here but if anyone has any information itd be appreciated or links to other engineering forums too.

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    Nov 21, 2009
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    stay away from the TWS modules... very finicky, and if not VERY careful, you can easily damage the tuning coil.....

    Try looking at using LINX Technologies, digikey carries this brand and they have premade keyfobs that come in 1 to 5 buttons..... Very easy to intergrate into any project, all you need are 1 transmitter IC, and 1 Receiver IC (433Mhz is the best one form the 3 they have in the LC series) 2 1/4 whip matching antennas, an encoder IC and a decoder IC (Look at Holtek Decoder/Encoders....) and you have a 1 way 433Mhz wireless transmitter that can transmit up to 1000'..... You can do 2 way if you use transceivers on both ends (TRM-433-LT).....

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