building or using wireless remote switches

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I'm wanting to build a wireless motor switch for several motors. The motors are 6 V DC but I've seen a lot of 12 V pre-made car-remote type 315 MHz systems. Realistically I'd like to get these to where I have a single remote with several switches and can turn motor A on / off, and possibly have a dip switch to enable a 5 on / 3 off type pulse at the receiver circuit.

So each motor would have its own receiver.

I'm very new at designing my own circuits especially with ICs. I'm an adult student returning to school, a Junior in an EE program. I can solder, program, etc.

I originally wanted too much functionality. I wanted the receivers to have microprocessors and receive commands to switch pulsating, etc. I'm more comfortable now with simple relays which are on/off only and controlled by wireless remotes. I just don't know if I should build vs. buy or where to start. Any help on where to start? Links to tutorials are good, or specific advice.


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the wife sells Hunter Douglas blinds. One of their technologies is radio control, where a transmitter can be programmed for individual or group settings, and the individual recievers control the motorized blind functions. Not a lot of technical info available, and rather pricey, but interesting non the less.


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Hi Mike__B, welcome to AAC.

As far as wireless is concerned, I'd suggest buying something already made and hacking it to suit your purposes. Unless you're studying RF specifically, it isn't worth the amount of work, design, and testing (not to mention equipment costs) to build a wireless device.

Anywho, if you want something inexpensive with multiple channels, another member here is using this:

If has 12 channels, each controlled via a relay. I'm not sure how much current you need, but a 6VDC motor shouldn't need too much, so I think this device could handle it. Good luck.