Building ARM9 SBC at with AT91Rm9200

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    Dec 10, 2008
    Hi, to all i am making an ARM9 processor development board..i am taking help from some online copywrighted designs.
    Objectives:1 board with low cost components ,most of the common interfaces ,expansion pins.


    The plan above explains all ,red color boxes i have confusions. i will put the question in the second post.
  2. haha11

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    Dec 10, 2008
    1)LM1117xxx regulators for 3.3v & 1.8v power supply will be fine ?
    2)how to make jumper selection of boot device like sd card
    or eeprom /flash
    3) what is the use of eeprom (is it a boot eeprom)
    4)suggest low cost devices + schematic for
    a)10/100 ethernet (is enc28j60 alternative good?)
    b)256 mb ram
    c)can controller
    5)i have linux stamp schematic, in eagle how to lay the thin lines that they use in processor pins, any guide?
    6)smaller connectors for 32pin port pins