Building an LED work light, need suggestions/help

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    Dec 11, 2012
    Hey guys,

    I'm building a tripod mounted LED work light for my dad for Christmas and need you guys to steer me in the right direction. What I need help/suggestions with is how to switch 120v ac off and on using a 12v power supply and push button switch.

    I've already purchased a driver for this project. It's a 120v ac input, 1.75 amp constant current, up to 29v dc driver. I plan to mount a box to the tripod to house all ac components/connections, and if I'm able to use a 12v dc coil voltage, 120v ac switched relay to turn driver power off and on, I'll put the switch in a separate box mounted on the tripod along with a pot to utilize the drivers dimming option so brightness can be controlled with a dial knob.

    I will suggest to my dad that he unplug the work light after each use, but I thought instead of the light turning on when he plugs the power cord into a 120v wall outlet, I'd put a switch inline so he can plug the power cord into a wall outlet, then power on/off using a push button switch. I found a switch that I really like, but it's only rated up to 12v dc and has an led inside the switch that comes on when 12v is applied to the switch. I've found quite a few relays that would work to switch 120v ac off and on with 12v dc input, but I'm not sure what power supply I should use for relay activation, or if I should even proceed any further with this idea or not.

    Could a 12v dc, constant voltage, 1.5 amp wall wart be used as a power supply to power the lighted led push button switch while using said switch to activate the relay for switching 120v ac input to the led driver? I'm certainly not that knowledgeable in the electronics circuit field, so there are a lot of things that I'm unsure of and don't understand, however, I believe I've came to the right place for help.

    I know it would be much easier, and much more simple to use a switch rated for 120v ac to cut the input to the driver, but this push button switch I found looks so much more interesting than a plain, simple switch. Is this a bad idea?

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
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