Building a tv degausser coil

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I am about to build a tv degausser coil and I dont have an idea how to build it, can you help please. I need a diagram and or materials and instructions how to build it.


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There is no magic to it. You just need to wind a few hundred turns of magnet wire (about 30 ga.) on a form about 10" across. It 's only going to operate for a few seconds at a time. Cover the wire coil with turns of electrical tape for safety, and use a inline switch to power it.

The technique is to fire up the coil at some distance from the CRT, with the plane of the coil at a right angle to the face of the CRT. While current flows, bring the coil close to and parallel with the CRT. Make a few circular sweeps across the face of the CRT, and withdraw the degaussing coil as far as you can before turning it off.


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just offering another technique, mr. beenthere. with tv on, while holding the coil parallel to the face, almost touching, start a circular motion covering the entire screen, turn on the coil power. continue the motion while gradually moving the coil away from the screen until the coil no longer has an effect. also, i believe you could make the coil out of a light gauge insulated wire as well.


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No, turn on the coil while it is well away from the screen. The shock of turning it on while at the tube may actually magnetise or even buckle the shadow mask.