Building a Recessed Wiper Delay

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  1. e129745

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    Aug 8, 2013
    I want to add intermittent wiper control to my 1968 Olds Cutlass. The challenge is they are recessed blades or they park below the hood line when wiper switch is turned to off.
    A typical adjustable wiper delay works, but the blades cycle down into the park position at end of each run interval if a long enough delay is used and the wear and tear not needed nor welcomed on a 45 year old classic.
    I want to connect something that:
    Interrupts the 12VDC supply (or ground?) for a variable duration, and resume power again. Like turning the key off during wiper sweep, then back on again. I will time when the unit cuts power to wiper motor by positioning a small magnet towards the outside diameter on the main gear of the wiper transmission. 1 revolution of gear makes 1 full wiper cycle, (over and back). With an adjustable position NO/NC reed switch mounted, it will be activated by magnet when blades are in lowest position on windshield.

    The delay needs to open a relay, disconnecting the motor from the 12VDC source and start delay countdown. At end of delay duration the signal to relay coil is resumed thus operating relay and reconnecting source to wiper motor, even though the reed switch triggering start delay is still sending trigger signal, as magnet will still be activating reed switch.

    I think the delay can work either providing voltage to relay coil at run or denying voltage, since the relay will have both NO and NC connections. I have also ordered a reed switch with both NO/NC ability, just in case. I intend to turn on low wiper switch and choose to turn on/off delay unit and adjust pause time at dash.

    Essentially, this should be a simple industrial logic exercise, but I'm finding I know less about this than I thought , but both the components and availability has changed in the 25 years since I had anything to do with the maintenance/operation of this kind of equipment. I thought to build some circuit with a 555, but haven't found anything that would work, especially with the magnet/reed switch in trigger state.

    I appreciate any help, I hope others will find this helpful in the future as well.
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  2. KMoffett

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    Dec 19, 2007
    I did a Google: Parked wiper delay circuit

    Found this at‎

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    Good luck.
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