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Seeing as how my thread was closed without proper understanding of the project, I'd like to continue with my project

To the mods, I read the TOS and I'm well aware automotive topics are taboo on this forum, so consider my show car as a rock since it:
1. Does not run
2. Is not street legal, so does not run
3. I do not drive the car
4. Is either in my garage for storage, on a trailer to a show or sitting in a show room as it cannot drive itself around

This car is not driven or operated, and this modification therefore is about as dangerous as putting up christmas lights. So If you would keep this thread open, that would be wonderful

I was asking about using a buck puck to drive LEDs, and I ended up ordering IR sensitive material to put on my sub boxes and interior trim. I think it would look good to not be able to see the light source, so this is the data sheet for the LEDs I'll be using and the supplier with english descriptions here

So seeing as how they are rated at 1 Amp and 1.5 Vf, I'd like to push them to ~800 mA with this adjustable driver.

I just have a few questions,

- Should I run the 4 LEDs in series with each other or in parallel?
- Will the extra 7.5v create enough heat to require a heatsink for the buckpuck?
- For those who have used them, are the prongs labeled? I see there should be a +/- for input and ground, blue/white for LED anode/cathode and grey/green for controls (pwm for example)


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There are plenty of other electronics forums that don't have the automotive restriction so there's no need to push your luck with the moderators here. This will sound pedantic but the T.O.S. don't differentiate between operating vehicles and non-operational ones so it's still a car, not a rock.


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I am closing this thread as it violates AAC policy and/or safety issues.

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  • Any kind of over-unity devices and systems
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  • Devices designed to electrocute or shock another person
  • LEDs to mains
  • Phone jammers
  • Rail guns and high-energy projectile devices
  • Transformer-less power supplies
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