Brushless dc card and components.

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    Oct 20, 2010
    Hi all;

    I'm trying to build an efficient brushless dc card to replace the poor made one.


    Power : 1500 Watts
    340 Vdc GBU output and average current 5A.

    3 phases , 6 steps, and sensored.

    I found MC33035 an interesting component to try, but needed some advices to customize for my project.

    1° question:

    Fig 29 p 14 of datasheet

    All is based on Vm 170 Vdc and I need 340 Vdc so,I'd want to get right values and also, of course, the most interesting , how to compute these....

    I think that for Zener Diode VRRM must be about 400 or 500 V . Right?

    Capacitor must be from 200 V to 400 V . Right?

    For MUR 115 replacement , also 400 V. Same above ?

    No ideas for resistor values and also 1/2 W or W or ?


    I draw a schematic with Kicad , if you could write remarks on it , it would be great.

    Thanks a lot.

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