Broken Technics integrated amplifier SU-CH7

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    Jul 23, 2014
    Hello and thank you, this is my first post, I have a Technics integrated amplifier SU-CH7 as part of my Hi-Fi that I have had for some years, but some time ago the display on the amp went all gobbledegook and looked like Chinese writing, then the power went off and it will not power up at all. I took the casing off it to see if it might be a fuse, and I noticed that on the front of the circuit board on the left hand side there appeared to be 3 small components that looked like they were burnt, like resistors I think they are called, but the unit no longer works. It cost me a fortune some years ago and I wondered if anybody on here knows how much it might cost to be repaired please, maybe this person, whose name I found on, R!f@@ My name is Graham and I live in Liverpool, kind regards, Graham
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    Jun 22, 2012
    Lets have some photos of the inside,also the model number, we can see what to do.
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    Apr 2, 2009
    Sorry I missed this. I am very busy these days.
    Any ways I can help you.
    I left fixya cause nobody could give me the answers then and I ended up finding the answer my self so I am always here if needed.:D Besides all my friends are here.

    Thanks djsfantasi, for the heads Up. :p

    @ Graham.

    I would need clear good quality pictures and a detail explanation on the first symptoms you got and what you did so far.

    Then only I can point you where to look. You would need a DMM and soldering equipment and skills to go with it. :)

    I got the Service Manual but cannot attach it yet. I get a contact admin error. Will try later
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