Brick and Mortar Electronics Stores in the USA?

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Hello folks,

Does anyone know if there are any brick and mortar chain stores left in the USA that carry electronic components? Or any good non-chain stores in the Philadelphia area?

Radio Shack doesn't seem to sell components or equipment anymore...


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I am afraid if you are serious about experimenting with electronics then you will need to get used to purchasing what you need online.

There are some real bargains to be found there.



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Norvak and Fry's both have a good selection of components. Don't know if they have them "back East," though. One can also find plenty of surplus dealers with dandy prices.

Google says
Fertik's Electronics
5400 Ella St.
Philadelphia, Pa 19120

S&G Electronic Surplus
618 S. 62nd Street
P.O. Box 19895
Philadelphia, PA 19143

And you might also ask these guys:


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I'd have to second hgmjr in his statement... Places like digikey simply are amazing, they have nearly any part you would ever want and they can get it to you extremely fast at a decent price!

Whenever I do a design, I use all stocked digikey parts so that I don't have sourcing issues.



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Stealing parts from junk electronics works and you can find good things to use in them. Passive components, lasers, etc can be had. I have two huge stepper motors from HP LaserJet II's that are much prized in the robotics community. I gutted a cisco router, proprietary pukeware that it is so all I got was the power supply. Gutted an old NEC LCD monitor, 6K new, got a switching supply out of it. And an RCA PTV 3A power, does the B+ and is in the 100+ range but I've not checked it yet.


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Electronics Goldmine has some interesting stuff, along with hard-to-find components. (Marlin P. Jones & Associates) has a selection of power supplies and PCB stock.

Mouser Electronics and Allied Electric are both top-notch companies with a huge selection.

My local favorite is Skycraft Surplus - that place is a techno-junkie's dream. They do have a website, but it's not possible for them to list everything they have. Google is your friend. ;)