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  1. davidGG

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    Dec 22, 2012
    I have an AM radio transmitter setup on my breadboard. Currently I am using a basic quarter wavelength monopole antenna. It is literally just a stripped jumper wire.
    My question is, what if I wanted to use a more complex antenna that is fed through a coaxial cable. How would I feed that using a bread board? I searched google, but I was unable to find a breadboard to coax 'converter'.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
    Thank You.

    Also, many antennas have a 50 Ohms resistance, how can I match the antenna impedance? I just place a resistor before the feed line of the antenna?

    and one last thing, how do I connect antennas that need to be screwed in to a breadboard? :)
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  2. sirch2

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    Jan 21, 2013
    Just solder some jumpers on to the coax and plug them into you breadboard with the outer connected to ground. However I suggest you look at balanced vs unbalanced loads and a balun depending on what type of antenna you want to connect.

    Re 50 Ohm matching, if your circuit is well designed then it should be desisnged for a 70 or 75 ohm load anyway. If not then youu need somehting like an impedeance matching transformer.