Brand new Weller brand soldering iron tip turns black, what could it be?

ian field

Joined Oct 27, 2012
Yes the solder does sometimes go right up in smoke and burn rather immediately, however, I have adjusted the temperature dial and it helps some but the solder either burns or won't melt at all. I haven't found a sweet spot where it just works.
What is "eutectic" solder?
I am using thick solder right now and my components are quite small (GameBoy PCBs), what should I search for to find solder with a smaller gauge?
Sounds like a dodgy iron - a TC unit at a price that seems too good to be true, probably is!

You can get a perfectly good uncontrolled iron at reasonable price - but you still have to watch out for crap.

The irons I use are Antex which I've had very little trouble with, I know they do them in both voltages, so it might be worth seeking one out wherever you are. AFAIK: they also do a 12V type.

Google can probably explain eutectic better than I can.