Brake lights modification

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Does anyone know what component or circuit can accomplis this:

Upon applying the brake, strobe module will cause LED brake lights to flash 4x rapidly for 0.4 seconds and then slowly 4x for 2.6 seconds, then remain in constant on bright mode for as long as brake is applied. Use for LED brake lights & reverse lights only. 1.25 Amp max load.


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I want to put strobing auxiliary stop lights on my motorcycle. They make a self-contained set that is powered by the brake light circuit of the motorcycle. The problem is as long as the brake light is lit (like at a stop light), the strobes keep going. Certain states have rules about how long stop lights can strobe. I was wondering if I could find a circuit that could allow the strobes to flash for a pre-determined time limit and then stop even though the circuit still had power. The timer would start again when the 12 volt stop light power is stopped and started again. It would be nice to be able to vary the length of the duty cycle. Thanks.
The available aftermarket units have multiple flash "modes" to accomodate this.

This can be done reasonably easily with two 555 timers: use one as a free running flasher and the other is a one shot to power the flasher for a set time interval.
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