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    Sep 3, 2009
    Hello everyone,
    I have a boxbe waiting list folder on my e-mail page. According to Boxbe service, e-mail senders who are not in my guest list will be forwarded to this folder. Before, when I click a message from this folder, the message would appear and I can read it just like an ordinary e mail message should be. Recently, a problem has occurred wherein, I clicked the message from the Boxbe waiting list but the body of the message is miising. Only the sender and my e-mail addresses are being displayed on the page along with a download icon. When I clicked the download icon, a page from the outlook express would appear but the message is not there.
    I tried to edit, delete and close my account from this service but a loading window would appear and it looks like it never ends in loading something.
    I hope someone has the knowledge to give an advise on how to remove the Boxbe service from interfering my e-mail. I contacted the staff but they could not provide me with a better solution. Boxbe is a free service.