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i got a new problem with one of my friends system when i turn on the system after few seconds i got the error msg i need help please what are the possible reasons ?

A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL ALT DEL to restart


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It may be that the computer is set to boot off the floppy drive (A:/) and cannot find it since most computers don't come with floppy drives. The BIOS setup typically has a menu selection for the telling the operating system which drive to boot off of.

There are more dire explanations involving a hard-drive failure. Let's hope that is a simple BIOS setup problem.

Usually you are given an opportunity to enter into the BIOS editor during the early stages of bootup. The screen will usually display a brief message instructing you what you need to do to enter the BIOS setup editor.

If the BIOS is set to boot off the hard drive then you can change it to boot off the floppy and then attach a floppy drive and use a bootable floppy disk to come up in DOS and do a bit of troubleshooting to see if the problem is something simple like a loose cable.



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On most systems the boot-priority is firstly the CD-drive then the HD. When the BIOS screen appears if you press F2 it should boot into the BIOS setting panel from where you can access your boot-config.

Do you have access to a CD image of either your OS (recovery disc) or a Linux distro? If so, put the disc in the drive and it should boot from the disc. Then check to see if the OS has mounted the main HD that your normal OS boots from. If not, your HD could be knackered.

1. reseat the power and ide cables
2. shake the hdd
3. pit the bios settings to default or select first boot device as hdd...remove any cd\dvd from ur rom drive
4. see whether ur hdd is detected in the bios
5. if it gets detected and still u have the same issue ..then ur sectors mite be corrupted ..go for a repair reinstallation


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If your HDD is seagate or maxtor, and you suspect you have bad HDD or have some bad sectors in systems files, download SEATOOLS from seagate website, burn the image to CD... Seatools is powerful seagate/maxtor HDD tool, its a bootable, and can detect and repair damaged HDDs, works with Western Digital too...