Boost or cuk convertor

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Hey i want to design the Dc/Dc Convertor from 12V to 19.5V with 3.5Amp, i hav studied about SMPS(Swithing mode power supplies) and found Boost convertor and Cuk convertor, will u ppl help me and giude me that how will i gain the 3.5 amp current, which ic is useful...

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I have never used one of these chips and didn't read the datasheet, however, I believe that you can increase the output current by using a more powerful MOS.


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Go to:
On the upper right, enter your parameters: 10 to 15 volts input, 19.5 volts output, 3.5 amps output. Start the design. Use the Flash-based webbench.

The LM3478 with associated components can give you a boost converter better than 90% efficient.