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    We have to design a boost converter with some "real world" components - i.e. that are available for sale. Whilst looking at the possible parts for a boost converter I came across references to making sure that the capacitor could handle the "ripple current".

    I looked a bit further and can see 2 possibilities.
    1) The ripple in the capacitor current itself ie the difference between the minimum and maximum capacitor current.
    2) The other possibility is that there is a ripple current called delta i,L which is mainly affected by the size of the inductor for given input voltage and duty cycle.

    I found a capacitor which lists its "ripple current" rating as 0.8A/800 mA. Does this mean it can handle a ripple of 0.8A in the inductor current or can its own current only vary by +/- 0.8A?

    The source of my confusion may be misunderstanding a page here -

    "The current ripple, shown as ΔIL ...The average inductor current flows into the load, while the ripple current flows into the output capacitor"
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