Boost Controllers for 3.3V to 12~24V conversion

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    Jan 20, 2012
    Hello sirs.
    I have a PCB where I have a precision 3.3V power supply with 1A capacity.
    I will need another power supply with 12V or 15V or 20V or 24V capable of supplying around 80mA DC, generated from this 3V3 rail.

    I will change the PCB layout when needed, and the only power source I have to generate the "boost" voltage is the 3.3V rail.

    Somebody recomends controller ICs for this purpose?

    I have many types and values of inductors here so I just need to get some samples of some controller ICs, to test them in practice.

    This power supply can be not insulated (no need of a flyback insulated design).
    I can buy the Boost controllers on Digikey.

    The parameters are:

    3.3V -> 12V (80mA or more, if possible)
    3.3V -> 15V (80mA or more, if possible)
    3.3V -> 20V (70mA or more, if possible)
    3.3V -> 24V (60mA or more, if possible)

    Maybe some controllers from National, Texas, ST, Fairchild, Power Integrations.

    This power supply will be used in supersonic applications.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    I just happen to have a row of these on my desktop from a recent similar question. I haven't sorted them as I have my own problem going on right now with the power to my home. I'll post them. You sort them out.

    ps, I have no idea how these react to supersonic speeds ;)