Boolean to logic symbols

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Hi this is my first post, i hope i'm in the right place.... I'm trying to convert Y=(A'CD+B'CD')'' into a logic symbol drawing i'm supposed to do this and then build a circuit using 3 input NAND gates with chips 74HC11 and 74HC04 (inverter).

The first thing i wanna get straight is if it would be correct to cascade two 3 input nand gates or one on top and one on bottom conecting them to an OR gate??


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Show your schematic. If by cascading you mean two seperate gates positioned one above the other then yes. I'm thinking cascading means something different when used with electronics.


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When you reply to a message, you will notice the Browse and Add this attachment buttons just above the Add post button.

When you browse, you will be searching your machine for a file to attach.

If your using a schematic capture program, you can copy and paste [or save the schematic as a graphic] the schematic to your graphics program and save the graphic. You would browse to that graphic, select it, and Add this attachment.

Then you can post your message.

Below is a thumbnail of a circuit I've posted before.

When you click on the attachment it opens to another window, full size.