boolean problems beating my @ss

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i couldn't write the equation accurately so i posted a picture instead;

1A) says simplify and implement the circuit using two 2-input and one 3-input NAND gates, assume that the complement of the variables exists. Also the first four variables are barred, i'm not sure if thats clear in the picure, it kinda looked like text was underlined instead

1B) using only two 2-input gates, assume complement of the variables DOES NOT exist.

2) use canonical sum-of-products expression and canonical product-of-sums expression for the given function--

If anyone could help me ASAP, I have an exam this evening at 6PM and I kept putting it off because I figured it'd be easy, but these problems are killing me

EDIT: oopse i didn't read the sticky first- ok this is what i'm thinking

1A) i think the bar is whats really throwing me off;
[ (xy)+(x(XOR)z) ]' + (x+x'y) (x (XOR) z) - i dont know how to make a plus with a circle so i wrote XOR
[ (xy) + (x'z + xz') ]' + (x+y) (x'z + xz') - i know how to simplify that much, get the XOR's out etc.
(x'+y') (x+z') (x'+z) + (x+y) (x'z + xz') - edit i think i got the bar, that was simple, still stuck tho

2) I have no idea what the canonical SOP and POS are, i mean they sound very familiar but i've been putting this class off thinking it'd be a breeze, i'm actually reading on your site right now but i dont have a started solution to these yet- if anyone could still help, my test is in a couple hours and i could look over your solution to see how it was solved, that would be a huge huge help