Boolean function realisation using MUX 4/1 and 8/1

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Here is my homework:

Realise Boolean function AB+BCD+ACD using:
1)Multiplexer 4/1 and required logic gates
2)Only Multiplexers 4/1
3)Only Multiplexers 8/1

I have done task number 1,here is photo:
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How can I do tasks 2 and 3?
I appreciate any help.


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It seems that the implementation of the function CD is were you get stuck. Since there is no restriction in the number of MUXs used, why don't you use another 4-to-1 MUX to construct the function CD and then feed the result in your original solution?

As for the 8-to-1 MUX, you can use 3 variables to select the input and need only one variable as an input. That way you don't really need to use any gate.