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    Sep 28, 2009
    I have this expression out of which I have to produce a product-of-sums expression with four terms, using simplification and factoring. Any clues, help, or explanations welcome (within reason).



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    First of all, link to the thread below and read and download the program referenced. It will help you no end.

    The program gives you the minterms of 0-1 5 9 13 16-17 21 23-27 29 31 . You can get these minterms from a Karnaugh map too, but if you cannot show that, you will have to expand those terms manually as shown by the link. It will be lots of work. So now you have to convert the minterms, sum of products (SOP) to a product of sums (POS). The first thing to do is to find the minterms not present. They are the terms not marked on the K-map or 2-4,6-8,10-12,14-15,18-20,22,28,30. These will be the SOP complement of abc'+d'e+ace+b'c'd' . Then simplify using the K-map as a guide as explained in the link below. Now all you have to do is to apply DeMogan's theorem to the SOP complement and you get the POS of abc'+d'e+ace+b'c'd' . Be sure to check your result with the program. If the minterms are equal, then you have not made any mistakes.